The girl you just called ugly might be having troubles at home. She might be getting beaten up by her step-dad or she might be getting forced to run chores which are twice as much as her body weight by her step-mom. She might be going through a trauma due to her dreams being at the verge of getting shattered into pieces.

The boy you just called fat might be already struggling with his body.
It might be his most insecure and weakest point that you just triggered. He might already hold crying sessions in the bathroom to a point of suffocation. Because boys are not supposed to cry in public, right? They could die in the desperation of never being good enough and the exasperation of bullying but oh no, boys don’t cry!Β  It’s against the rules.

The joke you made on a single innocent poor soul to make everyone around you laugh and to increase your popularity made great success but that one person it was made on is going to cry themselves to sleep tonight. It must have ruined that one person’s day or week or month or their whole life. Some scars never heal. They’re going to be in their room, all by themselves, crying and hopeless. Because oh well it’s just a joke and if they took it too seriously then aren’t they themselves are the ones who have gone insane? They’re definitely the ones to blame. The cool person, spare him. He is innocent. He just made a joke on someone on what they have no control on. Even if they did, would it prove to be any good?

Trust me when I say this, not everyone around you is as confident as you are. They are not too sure of their abilities or even sure at all. Many of us have insecurities we don’t like to be pointed at about. If that does happen, it makes us question our whole existence. You need to understand some of us might be going through an extremely bad phase in life and your “jokes” only make it worse. You need to get that it’s not just one thing that makes someone depressed or suicidal, there are a number of things. A collection of such things. And if your “joke” about the way they look, act, talk or walk. How much they weigh. What do they ride and where do they live, aided that collection . Would you ever be able to forgive yourself? Would you ever be able to meet your own eyes in the mirror?

Would your joke still be funny?