It’s been 19 days since my finals ended and I’ve been complaining to every single person that I talk to about the worst block one could ever have, the mighty Writer’s block. I was talking to a friend yesterday and she told me that she has been facing the similar circumstances since after her exams ended. Aren’t exams like the worst thing in the world?

I’ve started to believe that my writing is entirely powered by procrastination. When I have more important things to do , my brain is flooded with ideas to write about. Believe me when I tell you that I literally used to come across 98753486 great ideas (never mind, I only used that figure to make a point.) while studying and I would tell myself “I have to study right now first. Because these ideas can wait but exams can not.I am going to have plenty of time to write once these end.”  But guess what? I was totally wrong about it! Ideas never wait. I’d highly appreciate it if someone told me that why do ideas depart just as quickly as they arrive? And that is in the blink of an eye. Either you can grab them the moment they come to you or you can forget about them completely like they never were. On a serious note, writing is powered by inspiration. And inspiration never comes from sitting in your bed all day and complaining. You get it by travelling-that can be either of actual travelling and the fiction travelling through books while sitting in your room. Hmm sounds familiar, doesn’t it? And isn’t it like the coolest thing in the world? Especially time travelling. (extra piece of information:0 I’m currently reading The time traveller’s wife and I think you should read it too if you’re into romance and drama classics.)  I personally prefer the latter because it’s too hot outside to actually go travelling. (Actually because I’m practically broke.) But let’s just ignore the fact and focus on the given excuse. *internally crying*

Oops! I totally got off-track and forgot the real purpose of this blog post. That is to help myself and the other poor souls who have recently suffered from exams get rid of the “writer’s block”. Here’s a 6 day writing plan:

  1. Write a letter to the person you love or hate the most. (I’m a hater. Sorry! Hehe)
  2. If someone you knew (even you, yourself) were a story, what would it be like?
  3. If 2 A.M. was a person, what would you talk to them about?
  4. If you were given a choice to be anything that you wanted to, what would you become?
  5. Describe the colors of the sky and relate it to life or any other thing of your choice.
  6. Write a review of your favorite movie or book.

Each of these prompts should be of at least 50 words.

If you follow this plan, do send your entries to me (obviously if you want to.) I’d love you for that. Keep spreading positive vibes around you. Keep following and keep supporting. Isn’t that too many keeps? Oh well!

Until next time. ❤