Why don’t we teach our children to treasure the things that they have instead of longing for the things that they are lacking? large (12)

I think it’s more important to enlighten them to treasure their mother-tongue first and then learn other languages merely to acquire knowledge and to have a broader approach towards the world, not so that they can pose to belong to a high-end family background or for that matter appear to be sophisticated. It’s more significant to illuminate them on how to treasure their talents, art and knowledge of whatever they hold oh-so close to their hearts rather than telling them that their grades should be and how they should always stand first in their class. It is more important to teach them how to materialize their ability to purify their mind and the heart, the power of being able to always choose positivity over negativity and make it their lifestyle, than to instruct them not to say certain things in front of certain people. Isn’t it more vicious to keep it in the heart rather than letting it all out for once? It is certainly more significant to enjoin them to treasure how they look like, how God has created them than to tell them how they should look like.

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Do it for yourself, do it for the people around you. Do it before it’s too late!



It is more important to teach them to treasure the artistry and beauty of finding God at every point in their life themselves than to compel them towards Him. It is unquestionably more significant to treasure the fact that they can be anything they want to become than telling them what they should become and that their dreams, no matter how big they are and how close they hold them to their heart, do not have the enough potent to pay their bills and drive them into real life.


And most eminently, it is more important to treasure the life that we have right now which is oh-so-short already, to cherish every moment and to live it to the fullest than to complain about it and to fantasize the life that we could have had.