We live in an era where we can get anything at our doorstep. From a pizza to a car, you name it- everything. We have cozy houses to live in, automatic cars to drive, food of our choice at our doorstep and we can even work sitting in our houses. Seems like a perfect life, right? 

I don’t blame our parents for being shocked when we tell them that we are depressed or something as plain as “not happy”. In response they tell us that they didn’t even know what depression was at this age and they struggled so much more than us! So much that it’s impossible for us to amount to it after our whole life’s work, if we keep going on like this. The question is what’s missing in our lives? I can only tell you what is there in our lives that we actually need to miss.

Our celebrations and gatherings are incomplete without posting the pictures on social media. We judge how happy a person is in his life from their facebook or instagram page. At night when we get tired from work, we check our phone first to “relax”. In fact that’s the only thing we do till our body gives up on us and we fall asleep. As we scroll down the homepage, we see pictures of our friends, in which they look oh-so-perfect. Pictures of them having the time of their lives. Pictures of them in grandiose restaurants and splendid places.  We start to feel as though everyone that we know is living their lives to the fullest and we’re just here pulling and dragging it between  our 9 to 5 work routine and bed with nothing impressive in between. We feel as though we’re inferior to others.

When in real, that might not be the case. Internet has brought the world together. Our old friends, our new friends, our friends of friends, all of them are in our friend-lists. We have too many friends that sometimes you start to feel overrun by them. By their achievements, their impressive vacations and their dreamy love lives. But that’s none of our business, right? How can that be none of our business when all of the information is available as lucid as glass on the internet?

I’m not writing this to justify such envious sentiments but it’s quite natural. When you’re tired after a full day’s work, you ought to feel desperate and tedious. As internet has broadened the opportunities of making friends with new people, it has also broadened the chances of comparing ourselves with others. At the end, we only feel like a failure. My question here is do we really need our smartphones to relax?