Isn’t it amazing how so many people can look at a painting and perceive it in different ways, one would see it as a poem, one would see it as a story, one would see life in it, one would see death and one would just see a picture, an ordinary queer picture. Don’t you find it fascinating how different people look at a poem and perceive it in different ways, someone sees in it a life-saver, someone sees a past lover in it, some see hope and some see regret, some see love and some see hate, some see glee and some see melancholy. Doesn’t it intrigue you how so many people can read the same book and it means something different to each one of them? To some it’s just a boring book they had difficulty getting done with or worst they were never even able to get done with it? To some it’s a matter of their life. To some it’s the love of their life and to some it saved them from drowning. To some it’s an escape from the world and to some it’s a one-way ticket to the world they belong to. You see how art works? Art works in impossibly magical ways. Art is magic. Art is life. Art is me and art is you. Even the people who say they’re not big fans of art find themselves if not amazed then intrigued by art. Have you ever felt how art lets us look beyond the faces and bodies? Beyond everything that is visible to the eyes. Beyond everything that does not matter but we’ve been thinking that they did all our lives and towards the things that matter. Things that can save someone. Art is not useless neither are the artists. Have you ever imagined how much courage it takes to potray your life story and put it on display in front of the whole world? You have to be very brave to be able to do that. How easy is it to show your heart to the whole wide world? To make your whole being as transparent as glass to the people you don’t even know. Some things are not as easy to create as they’re to see, read or listen to. Not just anyone can make art.