She’s a final year dental student, a wife and a v-logger. She’s an average girl giving in her best to make this world a better place. Her strength and positive attitude towards life has inspired me. She’s trying to help people suffering from anxiety and negativity through her v-logs. She’s extremely sweet and down to earth. She’s one of the very few people who know how to use their fame in a good way.

A beautiful girl inside out and the powerhouse of positive vibes: Humna Raza aka Positive Vibes Only-n.

She posts her v-logs on snapchat weekly at “positivevibesol” but is currently on a break. You can watch some parts of her v-logs on her instagram @humnaraza. If you’re not following her yet, then what are you doing?

I remember, about a month ago, I had really a bad day. I came home and just randomly started watching snapchat stories. After watching her v-log, my bad day had turned into a good one. I felt relaxed. Even her voice and adorable smile radiates positive vibes! She really is an inspiration. I believe we all should give in whatever we can to make this world a better place to live in. If everyone started doing that, can you imagine how the world would be improved? I reached out to her for the “interview” and  I was actually surprised by her response and she’s been very co-operative all along.I’m so honored that she’s the first-ever person that I’m interviewing.

Here’s an interview of an amazing new vlogger in town by an amateur blogger.

  • When did you come up with the idea of starting PVO?                                                           It was actually a really long time ago. Around January. I shared it with my husband only but I never thought I’d actually end up doing it.
  • Who has been your biggest support all along?                                                                    My brother and my husband both.
  • Who is your biggest inspiration?                                                                                         Well, my mother. She’s fought and won at life! ❤
  •  When are you starting a Youtube channel?                                                                     Soon, I think. Probably by the end of this month but if not, then start of August for sure.
  • Do you experience creativity blocks or ever run out of ideas for your v-logs? What do you do to overcome these?                                                                                                 ALL THE TIME. I have trouble expressing myself and making my v-logs more interesting. I have way too many ideas though, they’re not the problem. The problem is how to express properly without offending any body. I still have much to work on. I’m still learning.
  •  Doesn’t it get difficult to manage making v-logs along with dental school? How do you manage your time?                                                                                                                No actually. I keep them out of my college life completely. I don’t think about them in school, I don’t talk about them, I don’t discuss them. I keep them separate. I don’t mix it up at all. And if I have more important things to do and I feel like I can’t manage, I don’t give the v-logs priority. Hence, the slow progress.
  • Did you have any insecurity growing up? If yes then what was it and how did you overcome it?                                                                                                                                Yes. For most part of my tween and teen years, I always thought I was never cool enough, or pretty enough and I still think/know people talk about me behind my back but I’m over it. I FOR REAL don’t care what anybody thinks as long as I know I’m not doing anything wrong. Learned to love myself and be comfortable in my own skin no matter what.
  •   How do you cope with the negative people/negativity in your life?
    It’s very hard. There’s way too much negativity all around – and it takes over me too. Honestly it does. But I’ve become better at dealing with it. I try REALLY hard not to worry about people, and what they’re saying and doing. I feel the best way is to walk away. I usually avoid and walk out of negative situations. But if I can’t then I try to give the situation a positive direction. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
  • Who has the most positive influence in your life?                                                            My brother, most definitely.


  •  What is the most essential element that you need to have if you want to lead a positive life?                                                                                                                     Gratitude. Gratitude is the key. Being grateful for what little you have.
  • How does it feel being married to a guy who makes videos because he can aka SMHZ?

    It’s great! It’s different. In the beginning I really didn’t know how to deal with the attention I got because of was overwhelming lol. But it’s fun. Discussing his video ideas, showing support and expressing critique. Having people talk about them around me, it made me nervous sometimes but Now I’m used to it 😁
  •  Is Muzamil just as funny in real life as he is on the screen?
    He’s funnier actually! We end up laughing for hours together sometimes. He brings out the funny in me too, which is rare!
  •  What are the pros and cons of getting married at such a young age?                        Pro: You get to experience things together, and grow together that builds a stronger base for the future. It only makes your relationship healthier – your spouse understands everything about you in a way nobody else will. Con: you can’t be irresponsible. Every important decision doesn’t just affect you, but your spouse as well. You have to be extra careful and think about this person and not just yourself. No more selfish. But I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing..
  •  Do you have any skin and hair care routine?                                                                      No skin or hair care routine. I’ve used Aloe Vera once though when I had a break out right before my nikkah 😭 and that’s it. But now I’m just very particular about not using anything to dry my face. Air drying only.  (say no to towels! – I swear it helped)
  • What do you think is your best feature?
    Ummmmm my’s
  • Favorite food?                                                                                                                               I’m a big foodie. I eat and love everything from bhindi to biryani lol.
  • Favorite movie?
    I don’t think I can pick one. I can not. *facepalm*
  • Favorite book?
    Forty Rules of Love (I’m a big Sufi at heart lol)
  • Favorite song?                                                                                                                  MANY but Here without you by three doors down is one of my favorites.
  • Favorite season and the reason for it?                                                                                 FRIENDS – the jokes never get old. Ever.
  • Favorite animal?                                                                                                                              I LOVE ALL ANIMALS. BIG ANIMAL FAN right here but I think cats have my heart! 😀 3c2da26b-6c05-4a2b-b231-f03f7528d360
  • What are your hobbies?

    Welll I’m a very outgoing person so when I’m free, you’ll mostly just find me outside. :p
  • If you could have any superpower what would you like to have?                    TELEPORT. Be wherever I wanna be, whenever I wanna be.
  • If you could time travel, to when would you like to travel?                                             To being a kid. Probably like when I was 7. Relive some time with my late father and have literally have nothing to worry about!
  • Are you a messy or an organized person?
    Umm hahaha I LIKE being organized, and I try but I can be a complete mess..sometimes. It doesn’t come naturally to me. I have to make an effort.
  • Are you brand conscious?                                                                                                         Lol. No not at all..
  •  What is your most valuable possession?
     Umm in material things it has to be my wedding ring. *blush blush*
  • What has been the happiest moment in your life so far?                                                Most recently on one of my vlogs, I got a HUGE response with people telling me I had changed their life or influenced them in a way no one had before. I was overwhelmed, so happy and so grateful I cried tears of joy. This had been a secret but oh happened haha *hides face*
  •  Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

    A bit more settled – struggling though but getting somewhere with dental surgery iA. 🙂 can’t say much about anything else.
  • What message would you like to give to the readers?
    This is for people that message saying they wish they were like me or think my life is perfect. It’s not and I’m an average girl – I have insecurities, and problems and life’s been really tough on me too. I’m not special!  You probably have something I don’t. We’re all blessed in different ways. Remember, If anyone’s goals, it’s you!
  •  What is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to you?
     Well, some of my friends have told me I have inspired them to become better humans and another one of my friends told me I’m a natural healer lol. And that’s been the best thing I’ve ever been told. 🙂
    Any advice for the people reading this?

    Never say anything negative about anyone behind their backs. Just don’t. Its mean, it hurts and remember you are no one to judge. Speak a good word or remain silent.