About two weeks ago I was asked to review Five wishes and the prophecy of the prince by Faran Kiani. I’m glad that I’m doing my first-ever review on this book. It’s a fantasy fiction. An amazing page-turner. I’ve only read 3 chapters of this book and I’m already quite impressed by this book.



Five wishes and the prophecy of the prince is a story of dark against light, evil against the good, fire against water, curse against gift, hate against love and the black wolf against the white wolf. This is not an ordinary story but a story of truth, revenge, fairies and magic. You will definitely find yourself in the book. A mind-quenching thriller which is sure to get you hooked enough that you won’t be able to keep yourself from turning the pages. The awe-inspiring illustrations, the maps and the lyrical rhymes have done the job of the cherry on top.

Caution: Read this book on a Saturday morning when you don’t have any (important) errands to run.

Who will win the battle of The far land? Will the Far land be of the color white or black? Will the king lose everything he has right after he finally gets what he wanted the most? Will his supposed promising future eat up all of his glorious efforts of the past and the present? Get the book to find it all out. I’ve never witnessed such a beautiful work of pure fiction revealing the truth of life so flawlessly. Truly one of a kind!