Dear Self from the Future,

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I hope you’re doing great, which I’m not very good at this moment but I’m trying. I’m trying to be as strong as I can so that I could make it and be able to see you. I’m trying to make the best decisions for you. I really hope that you appreciate them. I hope you are not as scared to try new things as I am. I hope you’re doing what you love and making the most out of it. I hope you are happy and living, actually living not just surviving. I hope you’ve found your true-self by now or are still trying to find it, but you are content with yourself either way. I hope you don’t suck at making decisions as I do. I hope you don’t make a big deal out of small things. I hope you have stopped overthinking to some extent.

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I hope you haven’t grown much older and you are just as young at heart as I am, just a little less naive. I hope you don’t trust people as quickly as I did. I hope you’ve realized the worth of your tears and don’t waste it on just anyone or anything. I hope you’ve found true friends and are sticking to the old ones. I hope you’ve done something for someone many times often. I hope you haven’t stopped making art. I hope that you still find peace in broken places and inspire broken souls to love and to live again. I hope you haven’t given up on your dreams and started to believe in yourself more than anyone else. I hope you’ve ticked at least a few things off the bucket-list. I hope you’ve started to take care of yourself more than ever, unlike me. I hope you’ve learnt the simple or the hard way how important is it to step out of your comfort zone and I hope you’re doing that more often now. I hope you find your happy places almost everywhere. I hope your happiness has stopped depending on petty things. I hope you find love and happiness everywhere from the purring of your cat to publishing a book. I hope you are happy for the things I’m doing for you. I hope you’re someone I will be proud of. Meanwhile I will prepare to see you.