Hi everyone! This time I’m here for a casual post. (Not that I put any effort in my other posts) I do a little but this post just feels like I’m just going with the flow. I hope you know what the liebster award is unless you’ve been living in a cave, like me. In this award (woah! that sounds kinda fancy)  you mention the person who tagged you, answer the questions that they’ve asked, then make your own eleven questions and pass on the trend. I think its an amazing initiative to make bloggers connect with each other on a personal level. I was lucky enough to get nominated for it by two of my very favorite bloggers and friends. Make sure to check out their blogs and thank me later. So this is like my own interview and I’m so excited.I’m doing it in two parts. Here we go:

For Iqra aka @ramblingsofalazygirl, the best beauty blog that I follow                                                    1. Why did you start this blog? 

I started this blog because I wanted to write about the things that matter and an audience for this purpose. I had been doing this on instagram, still do but I wanted a broader platform and till now I’m getting there.

2. What is one of your talents?

Um well I really don’t know. I think I’m a good listener. Wait is that a talent?

3. If you could have only one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

Chocolate cake for sure.                                                                                                                     4. What’s your biggest weakness?

I assume things about people. That I guess is my biggest weakness.                                          5. What annoys you the most in life that other people do/don’t do?

When people judge others especially for their appearance, it literally boils my blood.

6. Are you a planner? Or are you spontaneous?

I’d call myself a spontaneous planner. I’m always procrastinating but plan at the last moment.

7. What’s your dream job?

Although I’m not consistent but these days I want to be a journalist . Basically someone who gets to travel for their work and do something to make this world a better place.

8. What were your intentions when you were naming your blog?

To be honest I didn’t have any intention. I was brainstorming and I looked into the mirror and went all eureka. Haha that’s how it happened. But it represents the place where I belong to and what I am.

9. If the sky’s the limit, what would you like to do next?

I suppose that’s what I’m doing right now, going against the odds and leaving the people surprised.

10. Who inspires you the most?

Anyone who has passion for what they’re doing. Humble and fearless people. Artists and the best of all of them, Allah.

11. Any fun facts about you.

Ha, I’m no fun. But I’m writing this at 12:00 AM. Does that count as one? Oops. Also I don’t always get obsessed with stuff but when I do it’s with the most rare and not-so-popular things and it gets terrifying for people around me. I get bored and jealous very rapidly. And I cry after watching emotional movies even if the end is happy.

Part 2. For Rimsha aka @auburnrhyme, the best writing account that I follow.

1. If you could describe your blog in one word/phrase, what would it be?

Random and obviously ‘Of brown hues and dark eyes’.


2. What is the most important thing you have learned through your blogging journey so far?

Actually there are a lot of things but top on the list would be that I can make people believe in themselves. I can make them smile through my words. I can bring a little light in their life that they deserve and most importantly I can make them think. Everyone can do that and we should try to.


3. What would be one social media feature that you would use in real life, if you could?

That would be reacting to what people say instead of having to talk. I’m not very well-articulated haha.

4. A fact and a lie about you, let your readers guess which one is true.

I can sing. I’m very clumsy. (that makes sense, right?)

5. What was your favourite childhood story/book?

Goosebumps, ‘How I learned to fly’.

6. Describe the most daring thing you have ever done…

Oh God I can’t remember one. I ate a stale brownie once and anticipated that I would die but I didn’t.

7. If you could only wear one type of shoes for the rest of your life, what would they be?


8. What motivates you to write/blog?

The world around me.

9.  What is your dream destination?

Where I’m happy and passionate about what I do.

10. Assuming it would be safe to use – what would you change the ocean water to, and why?

Chocolate because chocolate spreads happiness.

11. Are you a morning or a afternoon/evening person?

I’m an afternoon person these days but I’ve been and want to be a morning person. It’s  much better!

I nominate:











Here are my questions for you guys:

1- If you could time travel, when would you like to go to and why?

2- Tea or coffee?

3- Would you rather want to be able to write or sing?

4- If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

5- What bloggers do you look up to?

6- Would you rather have money or fame?

7- What is your all time favorite song?

8- What is your therapy when you’re down?

9- If you could exchange your blog with someone for a day, who would it be?

10- What’s that one thing you would like to do if you were immortal?

11- If the whole world was listening what would you say?

I’ve written this post past midnight. I hope you like it! Much love. x