You’re always wanting to get somewhere, meet someone and be someone. Always in a hurry, always running. You never stop for a moment to live or a moment to die. Always trying. You do your best and then someone who does it way better than you comes along and you feel less. You never feel enough. There are good days when you feel like at least you’re doing what you can. But other days, what we like to call the ‘bad days’ you just don’t want to carry on. You feel as though you’ll never be enough. You may have more good days than bad days but trust me its not that bad. We’re all gonna die in the end, the ones who are enough and the ones who are not. What is enough anyway? Something that you name which is above you. The place where you want to be right now will not satisfy you once you’re there. The problem is we are never happy with here and then there becomes here and there becomes something higher. There’s nothing wrong with wishing to be great. But don’t pressurize yourself so much that you push yourself off the ledge. Don’t underestimate yourself too much. You are enough, in the moment. As they say strive for excellence not perfection. Sometimes it is not about being the best but its about being passionate and consistent, its enough. You know that no matter how many times you tell yourself that words don’t matter. But they do. Their words don’t hurt you as much as the way your thoughts interpret them. You will feel like giving up more times than you thought you would. There will come a point in your life when your dreams will seem too heavy to hold. You will feel too weak to carry the strength that you have in you. Even the people who are at the top have been at their lowest. It might not even make sense to you but its not I who is saying that but its the world which has witnessed, “without dark there are no stars.” Sometimes you just have to keep breathing. Nothing less, nothing more. And it is the hardest thing in the world but there’s no other choice. You have to and you know you want to!