One of my favorite bloggers and writers tagged me for the Liebster Award. I liked the questions too much that I couldn’t wait to answer them. Here’s the part 1. You may go check it out if you haven’t yet. Do I sound like a narcissist now? Never mind at least I (think) I’m not one. If any of you is interested in taking this challenge, feel free to do so and answer the questions in my previous post aka The Liebster Award part 1. Let’s get to the questions now before I get you so bored that you fall asleep. *yawns*

For Bina,

  1. What is that one thing that you admire most about yourself?

The fact that I’ve stopped caring about what people say or think and developed this ability to completely block out the negative people from my life even if they’re right in front of me.


2. Do you ever dream of writing a book and getting famous afterward?

About writing a book, totally! About getting famous, it depends on what you mean by that.  If getting famous means having people who look up to you for inspiration and escape in your words that’s all I’ve ever dreamed of. But with fame comes hate and I don’t want that. I’m too sensitive for that and I’d start crying at the hate comments, not criticism mind you but the real hate without any reason. But who knows, maybe the former factor overwhelms the latter.

3. Do you believe in falling in love?

Absolutely! But it doesn’t necessarily have to be with a person, you could fall in love with a place, book, song, animal, almost anything.

4. What is that one thing that makes you feel blessed, every day?


Being able to see the beauty around me.

5. Does writing save you through all kinds of days?

I won’t say entirely but mostly it does. But the days when you’re in pain and are unable to write about it are the worst kind of days.

6. What do you think often when you look up to the sky?

Allah and what an amazing artist He is. I also think about the people that I miss the most, rarely.

7. Do you read one book at a time or multiple books, switching between them?

One book. My mind can not take that much. When I’m reading one thing, I start to live in it and you can’t live in two places at a time, right?

8. Do you like writing on paper or you think typing is better? Why?

Writing on paper all the way. Although I have to type most of the times. Because it feels more real and you feel as though you’re actually writing your heart out. Typing fails to offer that, whatsoever.

9. Which is that one thing that you want to change in your surroundings or people if given a chance?

Serious laws for street harassment and people pretending to know everything about a person merely by their outer appearance.

10. How do you think we can contribute to making this life better?

By being passionate about what we do and take our dreams seriously, not just wave it off by some fear or things alike. Acknowledge the fact that this life is short and trust in Allah.

11. What is your philosophy of life?

You should always try your best and leave the rest to Him. You’ll be surprised by how things work. Also if you’re going through the dark phase, make your own stars. Be strong it will pass and you will be proud of yourself. Don’t take life too seriously it’s not gonna last forever anyway.

Thanks for reading. See you guys later. Have a great weekend. 🙂