In the morning when I was scrolling down my instagram feed, I came across this very important message by a fellow instagrammer. Please give it a read:
‘If you aren’t aware of EpiPen, a life saving instrument in a crisis of allergy attacks from eggs, shellfish, fish and other substances, you should. Last week there was a 400% increase in price as Heather Bresch, CEO, of Mylan Pharmaceutical has raised the price from $100 to $600, and meanwhile has caused her compensation to increase to $18.9 million or a by 671% margin. Can we just be shocked at greed some people can have? There are thousands of kids who need these life saving EpiPen with them at all times. in case of an emergency as these EpiPen expire within a year and have to be replaced. It is sad how indifferent the world can be to helplessness of others, and instead of giving benefits to low income households, there was a 400% increase in price. Where are the champions of liberty, healthcare and economy when you need them? We need to raise this issue, You can read my caption, scoff and move on to other pics Or you can raise your voice with me and it CAN bring change, how? Last December, , a CEO of another company raised the prices of life saving AIDS medication by 5000% and I raised my voice here, like thousands of others, and you know what? He was arrested for fraud within a few weeks and now faces prison time. Change can come Only when there is unity in terms of goodwill, I don’t use AIDS’ medication or EpiPen but I care for those who suffer at the hands of society, so don’t afraid to speak up for yourself or for people you care about.’
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This is not the first time this has happened. But this might be the first time you’re given a choice to raise your voice against the evil in the society. I’ve always been against privatizing health and education, it is the root of all the atrocities in the society. But this issue is at whole another level. It is important to raise your voice against it. You never know what might happen. As it is said “Little drops of water make the mighty ocean.” Play your role of being a little drop! This is the least that we can do. You could save a thousand lives. Your own children or loved ones could be going through this. What would you do then? Feel free to reblog and share this. Thank you!
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