There are a few things that you find beautiful but you can’t reason with them because you know you will fail at the end if you ever tried to,

Like the empty houses and the serenity that you find in them but you would never want to end up alone

Like the smell of a room filled with cigarettes where someone so frustrated let their emotions out last night;

Did they do it by talking to someone, by crying or just by thinking to themselves?

Like the letters you write that you know will never be sent but the pleasure you get during the process is what makes you carry on;

Like the conversations ย with someone you read repeatedly knowing they have moved way ahead of the person that they used to be

Like the smile you put on your face when you’re dying on the inside

Like the screams you only allow your pillow to hear

Like everytime you pick yourself up after the worst of the falls

Like every morning you wake up, after going to bed at night, wanting to die

Like the moments you destroy procrastinating when you have way more important things to do

Like the poem you wrote for an old lover that you thought you could never live without but here you are admiring it

Like the way you always fall prey to the wrong people when you feel abandoned by your own

Like the way you feel no guilt in plucking the most beautiful flower in someone else’s garden

Like having coffee on hot summer mornings

Like snuggling in your bed with a book in your hands and staying up late on a winter night

Like putting someone else above you when you’ve been betrayed before in the act

Like laughing at your boss’s not-so-funny joke just to get a promotion

Like lying about your favorite book, movie, song, food to impress someone whom you adore

Like complaining about something you know you’re going to miss a lot once you leave it behind

Like adding things to your bucketlist you know there are fairly zero chances of you doing

Like doing something out-of-the-ordinary when you think you’re not that strong to take it

Like putting your life at stake for the stupid little adventures which are neither stupid nor little to yourself

Like wishing for someone to come back to life just to talk to you

Like praying for an angel to come into your life and solve all your problems.