Art is what makes people survive through the darkest phases of life.

It is the echo of a baby’s first cry.

It is the feeling of falling in love with a stranger.

It is a poem or a song so befitting your current situation that it makes you believe that it was written merely for this moment and for you.

It is the words of a book which make you cry oh-so much but somehow you feel satisfied in the end.

It is what your face looks like when you wake up in the morning, you might be hating on it but someone’s waking up disappointed that they don’t have that face to look at first thing in the morning.

It is your heart telling you that you don’t belong here and you’d rather be doing something else.

It is the whisper in your heart that tells you that this is your home and you need to stop right now.

It is is the way your feet feel against the sand with wind blowing through your hair.

It is the picture of your dreams oh-so beautiful that it doesn’t let you fall asleep.

It is the smudged colors on the canvas which mean much more than a masterpiece to you.

It is the way a newborn holds your finger with all his hand.

It is seeing figures among clouds, shadows or those made of trees that you own and no one else is likely to see.

It is failing to tell something to your friends because you can’t stop laughing.

It is proving to people that you’re so much more than the small terms they use to define you.

It is using criticism as your armament.

Art is everything around you.

Art is everything within you.