You come, you love and people leave

They might leave from your apparent world

The might leave your apartment, your rental car, your favorite cafe, your favorite bookshop

They might leave the city you live in or the land you walk on

They might escape to the sky that seperates you from the heaven or whatever you believe  lies above

They might leave everything that smells of you

They might even find someone to replace you and sometimes forget about you

But they always remain in your heart

When you step out of your apartment leaving the keys under the doormat expecting they would come

They remain in your phone at nights full of agony when you open the blank chat window and stare at it waiting for a message

Hoping that some guardian angel will fly to wherever they are and tell them that their single message could turn your bad day around

They remain in your eyes at night when you climb at the rooftop to stare at the stars hoping that maybe you could feel better alone then you open your eyes to see someone beside you but its just your own shadow full of the bittersweet memories of the past which are now stinging you like poison

There might be an abandoned chair or a crippled up note or the blank screen window of phone or a spider

You’ll find everything which reminds you of them but you’ll never find them

They will remain in your crippled up notes to remind yourself how much better you are without them

They will remain in the shiny little sweets full of lies that you tell yourself to survive

They will remain in the backpack of regret you carry with yourself all day

They will remain beside your heart, just not in it

But beside it like a dead beat trying to come out to life

Do you know how it feels to carry two hearts?

One dead and the other one almost dead

But still you manage to pump blood into it and wait for it to die itself

You don’t wish for it but you wait

And the whole dilemma continues

People keep leaving and you keep giving life to the extra hearts inside of you besides your own

Until you have no power to do so or  you find someone who will plant flowers in your heart

The ones which will make for the funeral of all those extra hearts

And they will be the only person whose rhythm will exist in your fingers when you write poetry

They will be the reason of the shine in your eyes just like those stars you stared at on summer nights trying to scare your loneliness away

They will be beside you instead of the shadow of your dark past

And for once you won’t be thinking about who left

All you will be thinking about is that how this person will never leave