I hope that you’ve realized that you don’t have to win everything and have made peace with the fact that you’re human too

I hope you’ve realized that making mistakes is not as bad as you think

Even if the mistakes include stalking your crush on instagram instead of studying for an exam you have in a day

I hope you’ve realized that when you stretch out your hands, you won’t always get what you wanted

But that doesn’t mean you should stop stretching out your hands

Sometimes you get heartbreak, self-proclaimed depression, anxiety and disappointments

Sometimes when you stretch out your hands you get stories, stories of love, survival, making of the legends

Stories which will help you to get through life an year or a month or a week or a day or a minute from now

So never form a shield out of your arms around yourself in the fear of being hurt because you will be missing on a lot of things

Because at other times you get flowers, poems, families in strange faces and homes in strange places

I hope you haven’t stopped jumping in the air for no specific reason but just because you felt like it

You might fall down and bruise your knees or your elbows or your nose or all of these

But you wouldn’t regret later on that you didn’t do it

I hope you still get excited over food,

And if you read your poems out loud to the world despite your anxiety and fear to be seen, you have no idea how proud I’m of you

If you still do things that make you happy no matter how non-sense or bizarre they may seem, you’re exactly where you were supposed to be

I hope you still make scenarios in your head about things that might never happen but hey a girl’s gotta dream right?

I hope you’ve realized that you can’t get close to all the people you love

Loving is far from holding

Its an act of distance and sacrifice and its a closet act, its an act of writing obscure poetry

So much that everyone except the person you love will come to know about it

But that doesn’t mean you should stop loving

Loving does not always mean sharing space or thinking out loud

Sometimes its a secret act

Its about being happy in their happiness no matter how selfish it may seem to you

Its about watching them smile make your day

its about holding on to the empty spaces between you and them that you once created thinking it was not love

Its about forgiving them despite of their interference in your life without even being a part of it

Its about waiting for a miracle to happen

Its about realizing that winning is not as important as losing and learning and living and loving.