Of fashion blogging, inspiration &

latest trends with Sadaf Zarrar-

The founder of Pakistan’s leading 

fashion and lifestyle blog

The Siddy Says.






1- Since how long have you been into fashion blogging?

Well I’ve been blogging for as long as I knew about blogging. I had a blog dating back to 2006.

SiddySays has existed since 2011 though.

2– Do you think commercial blogging is a viable job?

Not yet. If you want to stay true to your opinion and not be ‘sold out’ it’s best to have a

parallel income, perhaps something stemming from blogging. Like we do styling, image

consultancy and more.
4- Any advice for people planning to enter or are new to the blogging world?

Take time to understand yourself and your point of view before you jump into publishing.

Good content doesn’t have to run after followers, they come to it so be patient. And most

importantly, don’t get disheartened… Stay consistent.


5- What inspires you the most?

People inspire me. Every person I meet, I make mental notes on what to emulate from them or what to never do.

6- How would you define fashion?

Very personal. You can’t follow the herd and be fashionable, there has to be a bit of you in it.

7- Do you think it’s right to endorse the big brands only?

On the contrary, you should endorse what you genuinely feel like endorsing. They key is authenticity.

8- What is your favourite detail in an outfit?

I’m not an embellished outfit type of person so tailoring matters the most.

9- Favourite summer trend?

Lounge wear as mainstream clothing is my dream come true.

10- What is the biggest misconception people here have about fashion bloggers?

That it takes no effort.

11- Do you consider the increasing number of bloggers with every passing day a good or a bad thing?

WWW is a big enough space for everyone. The only thing that frustrates me is mediocrity… If you’re doing something do it well or don’t.

 12- If you could wear one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, what would it be?

That’s one tough question before I could wear the same outfit with different shoes and make it completely different each time but same shoe is tough!! I guess, safe to say it would be a ballerina pump. Repetto likely!

13- What has been the best event that you’ve ever covered so far?

I really enjoyed Hum Style Awards well thought out and well executed.

14- Favorite city in the world?

London without a doubt.

15- Do you think the place you live in reflects in your fashion?

If it did I’d be blonde, blow dried, carrying an it bag and not doing anything with my life! Lol. Sarcasm apart, of course environment inspires your style but to what extent if really up to you.

16– How fashion plays a role in a common girl’s life?

Fashion is expression. It tells the world who you are… We’re too accustomed to being clones here in Pakistan. A common girl could really make an individualistic mark if she were to dress her own way.

17- How has the fashion industry evolved since you started blogging?

There were two sets of fashion weeks, now half the year something or the other is happening. More focus on showcasing than actually creating.

18- Where do you see the fashion industry in 5 years?

I hope more talented new comers make their mark for their differentiated aesthetic. I suspect this new waves of fashion weeks and show cases may encourage that. Only time will tell.

19- What’s the best part of being a fashion blogger?

Being able to impact peoples lives one outfit at a time.

20– If you could change your blog with someone for a day, whom would it be?

Garance Dore. She has always been my inspiration and will always be!